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WE ARE OPEN YEAR ROUND. However, from November 1 - March 31, water is unavailable at the overnight sites and public bathrooms & showers are closed. During this time, you may fill your water tank at the camp storage upon arrival, if necessary. Electric and sewer hookups are still available year round at all of the campsites.



  • Wood brought from outside of the campground is prohibited (including pallets, saw mill pieces, etc.) due to the ash bore, long horned beetle and other insects/infestation creating spreadable tree disease and damage.

  • We have firewood for sale at the camp store.

  • Please do not move fire rings.

  • Do not burn anything other than firewood or charcoal in the fire rings.

  • Place your trash in the appropriate trash receptacles. Trash left on site after checkout may incur additional charges.


  • An overnight tent is required to be placed on an additional site.

  • We recommend site 24A by the shower house for tent camping.


  • Firearms, BB/Pellet/Paintball Guns, Bow & Arrows, Fireworks and/or Explosives are not permitted on the premises.

  • Hunting of any kind is prohibited.

  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times around the lake and pool.

  • Children must return to your site by 10PM.

  • No abusive, belligerent or loud activity will be tolerated.

  • All illegal substances are prohibited. Abuse of the policy will result in an immediate eviction from the campground and involvement of local law enforcement.

  • Anyone causing a disturbance or creating an unsafe environment for our campers will be asked to leave the property with no refund.


  • Maximum of 3 pets per campsite.

    • $10 additional charge per day for third pet.

  • Pets must remain on a leash at all times.

  • Never leave pets outside unattended.

  • Guests must clean up after their pets and immediately dispose of their waste in appropriate trash receptacles.

  • No excessive barking. If pets are unruly/loud, we may request you to remove them from the campground.

  • No pets allowed in the office, cabins, public buildings, gated pool area or in the lake.

Outdoor Rugs

  • Outdoor rugs should be on gravel only. Please do not place outdoor rugs on grass areas.

Golf Cart

  • All golf cart owners must provide proof of insurance during check in. This is to ensure that any accidents or damage that may occur involving the cart are covered by the owner's insurance.

  • Golf carts are only allowed to carry the number of passengers that can be safely seated in the cart. This means that any additional passengers beyond the number of seats in the cart are not allowed.

  • All golf carts must not exceed 5 miles per hour while on the campground premises. This speed limit is to ensure the safety of all campers, including children and

Vehicles & Visitors

  • $10 for each additional vehicle.

  • All vehicles must acquire a car pass from the office, displayed on rear view mirror.

  • No parking in the grass. If a vehicle does not fit on your site in the gravel, please use the overflow parking areas.

  • $10 for each additional person per nights will apply if more than 4 people over 4 years of age stay overnight at the site. A maximum over 6 people are permitted per site overnight.

  • Visitors must register at the office upon arrival. If visitors are to arrive after office hours, it is the host's responsibility to register their guests and pick up their car pass ahead of time.

  • Visitor passes are $5 per person per day. Day visitors must leave the campground by 10PM or an additional $10 will be applied.

  • No more than 4 additional visitors and/or 2 additional vehicles may be assigned to your site per day.

  • No large gatherings.

  • Site hosts are responsible for their guests.

  • Sleeping in vehicles is not permitted


  • Please do not bring the following items due to potential safety hazards:

  • Kiddie Pools

  • Gas Golf Carts

  • BB/Pellet/Paintball Guns

  • Bow & Arrows

Water Pressure

  • A water pressure regulator is required at the water spigot due to the amount of water pressure coming into the campground.

  • Any time you leave the campground, please shut off your water all the way each time, doing so eliminates the possibility of your hose bursting and/or causing a water leak and damage within your camper.

  • Please notify the office is there are any issues with your site.

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